Apple - Mail

Open Apple Mail (Typically found in the system tray, or in under Applications in Finder.

Click on the 'Mail' menu and then click 'Preferences...'.

This will bring up the 'General' category.

Change the 'Check for new mail' setting to 'Every 15 minutes'

Click on the 'Accounts' category at the top.

This will show all your email accounts listed on the left hand column. Click on the + button in the bottom left to add a new account.

In the 'Add Account' window, complete the required fields as follows:

  • Full Name - Enter your full first and last name as you would like to appear in your sent email messages.
  • Email Address - This needs to be your full primary email address. E.g.
  • Password (Your password for this account is the same password you used previously for your email account. Then hit Continue.

You're done! Your email account now should be set up automatically, you will be given the option to sync your Calendar and Chat, once you've selected your preferences hit 'Create' and then close the Account Settings screen.

If there is an error with your password, please call the office to request a new password during normal business hours at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

If the process does not complete automatically even with your correct password, please call technical support 24/7 at XXX-XXX-XXXX.