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Satellite Internet and Phone

This service is designed to provide far-reaching rural HTI Customers that live beyond the reach of our extensive copper cable network with voice, data, fax and broadband Internet services. An example of these types of customers are those living on HPL that do not have the ability to have a copper pair run to their location.

The service is provided via a Satellite Dish similar, but slightly larger, than a Satellite TV dish. In order for the service to work, the customer must have either commercial AC power or have AC power provided via Solar or Generator. The system has a built-in UPS with 4 hours of Standby Power that requires up to 90 watts to charge. The Telephone service is close to that of a landline with up to 4 lines per household with integrated 911 Emergency services and a fax modem; any standard telephone will work with this service.

The Satellite Internet service is provided with one download speed of 1 megabit per second. This is comparable to HTI’s Plan 3 DSL Service. With this service, you can access the Internet as you normally would on a DSL connection. HTI provides all of the basic installation material required to turn up the service. Some of the optional equipment that HTI can provide if requested includes: Wireless Router and Wireless USB Adapter, these items are required if the customer chooses to have WiFi in their home.

Please contact our office for pricing and other details. 

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