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About HTI

For many years, the Hopi Tribe struggled with inadequate telecommunications services on the Hopi Reservation. Prior to Hopi Telecommunications, Inc. (HTI) providing telecommunications services, the network, which was operated, maintained and regulated by non-Tribal entities, lacked many of the basic features and capabilities that are taken for granted in most other parts of the country. Telephone customers commonly experienced service outages, cross-talk and fast-busy signals due to inadequate network capacity. Many Tribal residents lived without phone service because the network was not available in their location. Attempts to contact the local carrier regarding service issues often lead to frustration and disappointment for Tribal Members.

Beyond the daily frustration of living with inadequate service, the Hopi Tribe identified a far greater problem with the previous telecommunications network on the Hopi Reservation. The lack of quality service was hindering the social and economic health of the Tribe. Today’s education, healthcare, and commerce environments required greater connectivity and interaction on a local, regional and worldwide basis. The previous network made it difficult for the Hopi Tribe to compete with the rest of the world in these areas.

While the local, Tribal-employees of the telephone company desired to provide quality service, their efforts were unable to compensate for network investment decisions made from corporate headquarters located off the Hopi Reservation. The main focus of these organizations, based off the Hopi Reservation, was on their company’s bottom line than they were of the needs, desires and well being of the Hopi Nation.

Hopi Telecommunications was established by the Hopi Tribal Council to deploy advanced telecommunications services that served the best interests of the Hopi Nation.

Hopi Telecommunications. Inc
HTI was established on April 9, 2004 by the Hopi Tribal Council. HTI is wholly owned
by the Hopi Tribe. We are a Tribal-owned and Tribal Chartered Corporation.

Mission of Hopi Telecommunications. Inc.

  • To provide better quality telecommunications services to the Hopi Reservation
  • To create a sustainable business that provides jobs to Tribal Members
  • To provide a telecommunications infrastructure that promotes economic and social development
  • To promote Tribal sovereignty through empowerment, self-sufficiency, and self-regulation

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Office Location

P.O. Box 125
Keams Canyon, AZ 86034

Open Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am - 5pm


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