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Customer Rights and Responsibilities

Customers are responsible for completing all necessary applications and provide supporting documents such as ID, payment or appropriate documents for the Lifeline program when requested. 

Customer is responsible for their Inside Wire which is the wire that comes out from the NID-Network Interface Device (which is the unit in back of the customer’s premise) that leads into their home providing Dial Tone. If their I/W is damaged in anyway and does not allow for the customer to receive the Dial Tone, the customer is responsible for replacing/repairing the I/W. This can cost the customer $19.00 on up depending on the situation. However if the customer is paying for Inside Wire Maintenance this covers any charges attached to their I/W. 

Customer is responsible for calling in any trouble they are having with any service provided from HTI. If they don’t call in the trouble-HTI does not know there is anything wrong with their service. 

Customer is responsible for keeping their account current with payments to avoid receiving any delinquent notices and/or being disconnected. If disconnected due to non-payment, the customer is responsible for reconnect fees. Residential Telephone is $10.00 reconnect fee and Residential DSL reconnect fee is $25.00.


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